Sonntag, 3. Januar 2010

Retail Therapy

What was excitement at first turned to resentment when I saw my salary + 14th month pay. It was a lot less than I expected. Maybe because of the taxes, loans and other deductions that ate up most of my so-called income.

I was able to put the rest of the money to good use -- my kids' tuition downpayment, credit card dues, and monthly rent for the pathetic excuse for an apartment I'm currently residing in. The whole place would be bearable if my landlady is Oprah instead of Cruella de Vil.

A lot more stress came in when the money I'm expecting from my "bitter half" (not a typo error, it's really bitter) is a lot less than the transpo/food allowance I gave him for working two months in that stupid agency. It didn't even make half of the expenses I had to make.

Luckily, I was able to score a sexy pair of red pumps for myself and two pairs of cute capri pants for my angels at the Rustan's mall sale. Nothing like a good retail therapy to uplift a woman's drowning spirit.


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